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Corporate Profile

Trading Servers

ETO Markets’MT4 trading server uses the New York Equinix NY4 data centre to provide customers with the fastest execution speeds. The Equinix data centre Caters to major companies in the banking and financial services industry, offering lightning fast speeds, low latency, top-level security and maximum performance.

  • Equinix NY4 (New York) is the data centre for more than 60 stock exchanges, 400+ trading companies, and more than 150 financial service providers. Equinix is known as the world's most reliable data centre, allowing financial market participants to interact in a low latency environment, ensuring ultra-high-speed data transmissions and providing the fastest execution speeds for end users. 

  • ETO Markets MetaTrader4 is linked with the New York NY4 data centre, giving access to our STP providers, as well as our liquidity providers, including 50 banks. The dedicated links between our MetaTrader4 and the Equinix servers offer customers the opportunity to take advantage of ultra-low latency and ultra-fast execution speeds, not available to them on other servers.  

    An ultra-low latency trading environment is vital to providing super-fast execution speeds to our customers across the globe. This ensures that customer orders are executed immediately, delivering significant benefits to our traders in being able to take advantage of the best possible trades as they happen.