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Stars shining in Sydney, ETO Markets takes you to the World Business Forum

At the end of May, ETO Markets team gathered in Sydney, Australia, with the world’s top business leaders and entrepreneurial elites to share the most awaited business event-the 2018 Sydney World Business Forum.

Sydney World Business Forum is organised and curated by WOBI (World of Business Ideas) each year in cities across the world since 2004. World Business Forum as the major event of WOBI, the two-day event brings together thousands of restless minds united by their passion for business.

ETO Markets cherishes every opportunity to share, and exchange ideas, to learn and progress. This July, Sydney, where ETO Markets established. ETO Markets exchange ideas with the world’s most influential thought leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss topics of greatest concerns of the global business community.

World Business Forum invited some world-renowned businessmen, making the venue full of wisdom.

Former CEO of Ford Motor company (2006-2014)

Alan Mulally


Leading Authority on Creativity and Innovation

Sir Ken Robinson


My is yours: the rise of collaborative consumption author

Rachel Botsman


President and CEO of the Cirque du Soleil

Daniel Lamarre


Entrepreneur and Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy at Airbnb

Chip Conley


Expert in Behavioural Science

Kelly Peters


Founding Director of the Wharton Leadership Program

Stew Friedman


#1 Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Chris McChesney


Academic Director, EMBA Program, Melbourne Business School

Vivek Chaudhri


and many more


The wonderful presentation from the industries leaders and experts provided high quality, comprehensive and diverse information to the participants. Q&A section also discussed how an enterprise would survive in a paradoxical business world.

With technology advance, the business world has changed rapidly. To overcome the new challenges, all great business leaders and elites are concerned about how to inspire the new generation. The forum returned to its original focus on businessmen.

Information technology is leading the future of business; however, the core of business is always about to people. At any time, people is the most important factor to achieve success. As the theme of this forum:

Business is about people. Now and always.

ETO Markets always believe business is all about people. To our clients, we listen carefully to their needs and ensure their fund is safe and secured. To our teams, we value the talents and our team members to achieve higher.

The two-day business event eventually had to come to an end, ETO Markets was not only the event participant but a also value creator and an industry leader! Let us work together and create a better future.