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Our Products

Multi Account Manager (MAM)

With the need for simultaneous access to multiple MT4 trading accounts for industry professionals, MT4 multiple accounts terminal is the best solution. Whether you are an investment account manager or manage multiple individual accounts, multi-account management allows traders to manage multiple MT4 accounts simultaneously from one terminal under a master account.

You can log into a single MT4 platform and have all of your accounts online at the same time, manage client funds from multiple accounts and automatically assign transactions to individual customer accounts.

Depending on the individual distribution, all orders can be carried out from the real-time transaction management software in MT4. When combined with our deep market liquidity and straight-through mode, multi-account management has become a very powerful trading tool for trading multiple accounts simultaneously.

We welcome questions related to our platform and if you need more advice on multiple account management (MAM), please submit the following inquiry form; we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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