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Our Products

Indices (CFDs)

ETO Markets' indices trading is trading with CFD contracts, where investors trade by speculating on the rise or fall of prices, rather than buying underlying assets.

ETO Markets uses a "hand count" trading mechanism, which means that all products are aggregated into stock sizes (or contracts) for trading. This simplifies trading, allowing customers to make transactions for specific contracts, based on quotes for each contract, rather than open and close prices.

Clients of ETO Markets can trade stock index futures in the world's most popular trading platform MT4. A variety of transaction types can be used, including swing trading, tap resale, arbitrage trading and Expert Advisors (EA). By using leverage, stock index CFDs allow investors to trade with a minimum capital, maximizing their positions in the stock market. This offers investors a quick, easy and inexpensive access point to trading on the global stock indices.

Characteristics of indices (CFDs) Trading

•    Leverage and maximise the use of funds
•    No additional commissions or fees
•    Simple and quick to trade in the world’s top exchanges
•    Short options offer potential gains for hedging existing positions in a falling stock market 
•    Index trading is closely related to the stock market, where investors focus on macro trends, rather than stock performance
•    You can trade on the foreign exchange, as well as trade gold, silver, and stock from the same account

Indices(CFDs) Trading Hours

Opening Market
Close Market
Time zone
Dow Jones Industrial Average
Sunday 17:00
Friday 16:00
Chicago GMT-5
S&P 500
Sunday 17:00
Friday 16:00
Chicago GMT-5
Nasdaq 100
Sunday 17:00
Friday 16:00
Chicago GMT-5
FTSE 100
Sunday 23:00
Friday 22:00
London GMT+1
Euro Stoxx 50
Monday 08:00
Friday 22:00
Berlin GMT+2
France 40 Index
Monday 08:00
Friday 22:00
Paris GMT+2
DAX 30
Monday 00:00
Friday 23:00
Berlin GMT+2
Spain 35 Index
Monday 09:00
Friday 20:00
Madrid GMT+2
Nikkei 225
Sunday 17:00
Friday 16:00
Chicago GMT-5
Hong Kong 50 Index
Monday 09:15
Friday 23:45
Hong Kong GMT+8
S&P/ASX 200
Monday 09:50
Saturday 07:00
Sydney GMT+10

Learn Index (CFDs) Trading

More and more people use the stock market as a form of investment, and most of the time they have no real understanding of the complexity of the foreign exchange market. This results in potential losses due to the volatility of the market and a lack of understanding of these markets.

Because of this volatility and complexity in the CFD market, investors should learn as much as they can about the markets, before participating in day trading. Potential traders or investors need to understand a variety of Forex strategies and techniques, and they need to review all of the available tools, to help them make the most out of trading on the foreign exchange.

ETO Markets provides effective online learning opportunities for our customers, with easy to learn information on the basics, and on the strategies and techniques of trading in the foreign exchange. Using demo videos and small class sizes, you can learn how to read charts and develop trading strategies and use these strategies in a demo account, before participating in live trading.